Our number one priority is that we want you to enjoy your swimming or water polo in safety.


Welfare Team

Club Welfare Officers:  Zoe Meyer, Vicky Davies, Daphne Greenwood Richard Stevens

DBS Authorisation Officer: Lynn Lashbrook

Our email: welfare@midsussexmarlins.org

Here’s a little information about our Welfare officers…

Zoe Meyer
I have enjoyed helping the Club as a Welfare Officer since 2017.  My daughter loves swimming in her squad and I wanted to get involved with the Club too.  As a Welfare Team our priority is to help make sure that all the Club’s swimmers enjoy their sport in a safe environment.


Daphne Greenwood
I am delighted to be helping as part of the Welfare Team.  I am a general practitioner in the area and work with lots of services including Mental Health teams, local councils and local medical training. I am originally from Greece but have lived in Sussex for the last 14 yrs. I have four children and we are all passionate about swimming and sports in general. 


Vicky Davies

My name is Vicky Davies and I am a member of the Welfare Team.  I am a Masters swimmer at Marlins and have been involved with swimming since I was a child so for more years than I care to admit! We are a truly swimming mad family as I have a daughter in C1 and a son who is in the teaching groups and also plays water polo at the club so I am at the Triangle or Dolphin on most days, either swimming myself or as a swim taxi driver, and have an interest in all areas of the club.  I am also a qualified J1 official.  In ‘real life’, I am a primary school teacher in East Grinstead, where I live.


Mid Sussex Marlins aims to provide a safe environment for all its swimmers and players during all its activities.

The Club is particularly keen to safeguard members who are vulnerable. With this in mind all our welfare team, teachers and coaches, team manager and support staff (working with children) have completed the course ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport’.  In addition the Club’s Welfare Officer has completed the ‘Time to Listen’ course run by the NSPCC.

Any individual working with children or vulnerable adults will have a current DBS check in place.

However, we do not claim to be experts, we are very aware that many issues, especially those involving Child Protection, can be exceedingly intricate and potentially life threatening. We fully acknowledge that we will not have the knowledge or skills to be able to deal with every eventuality. We are therefore very pleased to be able to call on the professional support that the ASA has made available. We will continue to make good use of such support as and when the need arises.

Please remember that we are a Club and that we all have an important part to play in maintaining the safety of ourselves and our fellow members. Please help lookout for the vulnerable and bring safety related concerns to the attention of myself or one of my colleagues as soon as possible.

We operate a ‘code of conduct’ policy for all Parents, Members, Swimmers, Teachers, Coaches and Officials.    Please follow this link to see our latest Code of Conduct documents.

We follow the Swim England Wavepower Child safeguarding policy and procedures for clubs.

If you have any concerns about your own swimmers or any swimmer within the club please contact our Welfare Officer immediately.

If you think your child has any concerns but is having difficulty talking about them then pass them this 2017 04 ASA Child Power Leaflet