In order to obtain your latest results and personal bests, please click on the link below. As this is an external website, please use the following instructions:

Look up your personal best times using the Hytek link below.

1) Click here to bring up the website

NOTE – if this is your first timing using the results website it may not load Mid Sussex Marlins automatically (you will probably have a list of a lot of American swim clubs!).  You should be presented with a message about cookies, click “allow”, then close down the website completly and go back to Marlins website and click on the link in 1) again. It should then automatically load Mid Sussex Marlins.

2) Click on the “Athletes” button at the top of the page, and search for the swimmer name. If searching for a particular competition, you can also search by clicking on “Meet Results” and choosing the relevant competition

3) Click on “Times” to the left of the swimmers name. On the left of the page you will need to set the relevant Course (Normaly “SCM” for short course). Your personal bests should then be displayed

4) Then in the centre of the page in the field ‘Fastest’ change this to “ALL” and all your swimmer’s times should be shown.

REMEMBER – Once you have the results you can check if your swimmer has earned any badges by checking here

Here is a link to the official Sussex County Records site: Sussex County Records

Club Records are within the PDF documents below

Long Course Open Club records: MSM long course open records 05-11-17

Short Course Open Club Records: MSM open short course record 12-17

Club Record Boys Short Course (age groups): male age group sc records 17.01.18

Club Record Girls Short Course (age groups): female age group sc records 17.01.18

Club Records Boys Long Course (age groups): male age group lc records 08.01.18

Club Records Girls Long Course (age groups): female age group lc records 08.01.18

Club Championships Boys Club Championships Records Male 2017

Club Championships Girls Club Championships Records Female 2017-1

MSM Masters Records 2016 – msm-masters-records-20161030

Masters Records from competitions may be found here