Development Galas

The Development Series is a competition spread out over galas throught the year, which is the perfect competition for those who wish to get race practise, improve your times and enjoy a good race!

The Development Series has been organised so that the grades 5-9 swim on Saturday mornings and swim predominantly 50m events. Grades 1-4 swim 25m events and these will take place on Tuesday evenings (note – grade 4 will now swim 50m Free, 50m Back, 50m Breast and 25m Fly)

Those swimmers who have attended at least 1 of the development galas during 2012 will be invited to take part in the Invitation Championships 2012

Details of this year’s series are set out in the attachment to the right of this page

Please be aware that each gala has a closing date for entries. No entries will be accepted after this date has passed

Please be aware that this year registration will have an opening time and a closing time. YOU must have signed in before the closing time. NO LATE REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED