Q. How do I join?
A. follow this link

Q. Do I need to tell anyone I want to leave?
A. Yes, you still incur fees until you let us know you want to leave. Please let your coach/teacher and the membership secretary know if you no longer wish to be a member.

Q. I have a concern about something/someone at the club. Who should I contact?
A. The first contact would normally be your club teacher or coach. They will know you and be best placed to provide help or to instigate others to help. If you do not wish to talk to your teacher or coach then you can always contact either of the Club welfare officer Sarah Cummins in person or by email welfare@midsussexmarlinsorg .

Q. Why have I not been promoted? I lead the lane and I am the fastest!
A. The club follows the ASA national guidelines for swimmer development. It may be that there is some subtle reason, a stroke technique or some other criteria that has not been achieved. It may also be because of a mistake but this is rare on promotions. Always talk to your teacher or coach and they will gladly explain the situation. Parents are encouraged to talk to their childs teacher or coach too. They will not be able to do this if the are actively teaching so please arrange to meet afterwards.

Q. Why are there not more emails on this website for me to contact people?
A. Mid Sussex Marlins Swimming Club has a policy of only publishing the @midsussexmarlins.org email adresses on this website and not everybody has one. This is done to protect members personal emails from missuse. However, teachers & coaches are nearly always happy to give parents their email in person. Just ask them.

Q. What is an Open Meet? Should I be entering?
A. An Open meet is not quite as ‘open’ as it sounds – They are ‘open’ for anyone to compete IF they satisfy the entry criteria which is set by the organising club. They are often graded with 1 being top competition through to 3 being for developing swimmers. Each event of an Open meet will have a qualifying time that you must be faster than to enter and for Grade 2 and 3 there is often a ‘not faster than’ time so that the right level of swimmer has an opportunity to win and meets don’t become overcrowded. The events are invariably ‘Registered’. Ask Angela or Stuart if you should be entering Open Meets.

Q. I have just done a PB at an Gala but I have been told I can not use it as a qualifying time because it was not at a registered event. What is a registered event?
A. Not all events are registered. Club time trials are NOT registered. Most friendly galas are NOT registered. Open meets normally ARE registered. For an event to be Registered it must satisfy detailed rules and procedures for time recording/officials/notification etc. and there is a fee to the ASA! Only times from Registered events can be submitted as qualifying times for elite competitions such as the ‘Counties’. This is why it is good to do Open Meets so you can get those qualifying times. Marlins will be Reistering some Club Champs specifically aimed at achieving County qualifying times.

Q. Why do I have to pay the same fee when the club stops/reduces swimming sessions during Summer and Christmas holidays?
A. The fees for swimming and water polo are set for the whole year. We then average out this annual fee to give 4 equal quarterly fees, we think this is best for you and for the club. The fee takes account of the saving on pool time during the holidays. Please don’t forget that we are a non-profit making organisation. Our aim is to provide members with the best value for swimming and water polo that we can. If you can find the same quality of swimming opportunities cheaper elsewhere we would love to know as we would try to learn from them. Currently we know of no other swimming club with fees that are less than ours. For more detail click here.

Q. I have another question not answered here
A. Contact us here with your question