Swimming clubs are not all about competitive swimming and Mid Sussex Marlins understand this. We have a huge structured environment for the development of learners in our Teaching Groups programme. Our teaching group sections caters for swimmers aged approx 6-12, usually swimming at ASA level 5 or above when they join us (see below for more detail).  Our preferred entry age is around 6-8 years old.

Swimmers move through our structure from grade 1 (entry level) to grade 8 and then on to our Youth Training section where they can continue to enjoy swimming for fitness with a qualified coach who will continue to develop their technique and ability.  Many of our Youth Training swimmers take part in a number fun ‘B’ galas that are held through the year.

Within teaching groups we have a ‘Talent ID’ section.  Our qualified teachers will look for special talent and that competitive spirit within our teaching group swimmers and may recommend them for a move to the TID group.  This group will prepare them for competitive swimming, ensuring the technical skills are correct and increasing their training levels, before moving on to our competitive squad structure.

Teaching groups take place at various times during the week at The Dolphin in Haywards Heath and The Triangle in Burgess Hill. There are regular development galas to introduce junior swimmers to the concept of competitive swimming; these are open to ALL our teaching group swimmers and are a great, fun event.  Each swimmer will be monitored with their “personal best” (PB) times.   Check the ‘events‘ section to see when the next development galas are.

In addition, as each swimmer progresses they can obtain badges and awards reflecting their current times and the progression made; details are here.

To see our current sessions times and fee schedule please follow this link.

Minimum Standards:
Our expectations are that swimmers wishing to join the club’s teaching group section will have reached the following ability:

Age 6 – 8
Swim 25m continual basic front crawl and backstroke
Swim 10m with a basic understanding of breaststroke

Age 9 – 10
Swim 50m continual front crawl and backstroke with efficient technique
Swim 25m basic breaststroke
Swim 12.5m basic butterfly
Perform a standing dive

Age 11 – 12
Swim 100m continual front crawl
Swim 100m continual backstroke
Swim 100m continual breaststroke
Swim 25m basic butterfly
Perform a standing dive

To apply to join please fill in your details on the Join Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Swimmers wishing to join teaching groups will be offered an intake appointment so that we may assess their current level of swimming.  All assessments are by appointment only and we may run a waiting list at times.

If you have any questions in advance of applying please contact us on – info@midsussexmarlins.org