Swim 21 is the ASA’s Club Development model – a planning tool, based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development, enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to achieve their full potential. It focuses particularly on the needs of athletes – striving to provide them with the best possible support and environment.

Swim 21 Accreditation is a ‘Quality mark’. It recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and quality services for the benefit of their members.

Clubs work steadily towards the attainment of a series of outcomes all of which are seen as essential if the right level of support is to be provided at each stage of an athlete’s development.

Swim 21 Accreditation is available to ASA clubs of all aquatic disciplines that are positioned at one or more of the four levels of:

  • Teaching
  • Skill Development
  • Competitive Development
  • Performance

The ASA has a commitment to achieving its equity targets throughout the sport. Swim 21 is no different and the Association is keen to support clubs in the shared objective of widening the participation base and hence the performance of the sport as a whole.

Downloadable Documents


C09 ASA Accident Incident Procedures
C13 Wavepower Child Protection in Swimming
C16 Child Protection FAQ
C17 Regulations for the ASA Child Protection List
C18 Club Equity Policy Statement
C20 ASA Asthma & the Competitive Swimmer
C22 ASA Disability Discrimination Act-self assess
C30 S21 Role Descriptions – All
Code of Conduct for Coaches
Code of Conduct for parents
Code of Conduct for swimmers of all disciplines
Code of Conduct for committee members, officials and volunteers
C35 Guidelines for Handling Internal Club Dispute

Workforce Development

ASA Code of Ethics
W3 S21 Role Descriptions – All
W4 Personal Development Plan
W6 Appraisal Guidelines
W7 S21 Partnerships Notes

Athlete Development

AD7 ASA A Shorter Guide To LTAD
AD17 Disability Swimming Guidance Notes
AD25 British Swimming Anti Doping Rules 06


M1 Swim 21 Partnerships Notes
M2 Risk Assessment Template
M3 Risk Assessment guidelines & checklist for Swimming Events
M4 Personal Development Plan
M5 Guidelines for Handling Internal Club Disputes
M6 Facility Induction Checklist
M7 Clubmark Code of conduct parents
M8 Clubmark Code of conduct officials
M9 Club Equity Policy Statement
M10 British Swimming Anti Doping Rules 06
M11 ASA Teacher Coach Licensing Scheme
M12 ASA Disability Discrimination Act – self assessment
M13 ASA Club Code of Conduct
M14 ASA A Shorter Guide to LTAD
M15 Appraisal guidelines
M16 Appraisal Form – Blank Template
M17 Accident incident procedures