Sussex League – Round 2

Wow what a weekend. We had 105 swimmers in action across three teams. We had our A team at the Prince Regent against Brighton and East Grinstead in Round Two of Division 1 of the Sussex League. We also had our B team and a relay only C team at the Triangle against Eastbourne and 1066 in Round 2 of Division 2.

It was a great evenings competition swimming and all our competitors did themselves and the club proud. We won both galas and now proudly sit top of both Division 1 and Division 2 after two rounds. Well done Team Marlins 😊

The scores on the evening were:

Division 1 R2

  • Mid Sussex A:    483
  • Brighton:             323
  • East Grinstead:   248

Division 2 R2

  • Mid Sussex B:     465
  • Eastbourne:        303
  • 1066:                    251

After the Gala our Head Coach Steve Murphy had the following to say;

“Saturday night both our teams showed great levels of determination with our teams racing unrested and producing some fantastic individual and team results overall. I am particularly proud of the fact we were able to offer 105 swimmers the chance to race for the club and be part of this growing team and club! My thanks to all the volunteers, swimmers and particularly the coaching team who did a fantastic job in preparing and working with the team to help us achieve the results. We are very much looking forward to both finals now in June and I know the swimmers will do everything they can to retain our title in division 1 and seek promotion in division 2!”

Attached are the results and also the seeding after Round 2 – 2019 Seeding & results round 2. As we top both leagues we have the right to host the final in each Division (to be held on Saturday 8th June). So guess what 😊. That’s exactly what we are going to do.

  • The Division 1 final featuring our A Team will be at the Triangle: Warm up will be at 6.30pm, Gala start 7pm and then finish between 9 & 9.30pm. We will be competing against Atlantis A and Brighton with Atlantis just 13 points behind us after 2 rounds so there really is nothing between the two teams!
  • The Division 2 final featuring our B team and Relay C team will be at the Dolphin, Haywards Heath. Warm up will be 7pm, Gala Start 7.30pm and the finish between 9.30pm and 10pm. We will be competing against Eastbourne and Beacon.  Whilst we beat Eastbourne last weekend they were short of swimmers and we fully expect them to turn up with a full and much stronger team for the final.

What’s at stake in R3 is both the Division 1 and 2 titles and in the case of Division 2 if we win we will be promoted to Division 1 which would make us the only team in Sussex to have 2 teams in the top Division. So we need to put out the very best teams we can.

As we are hosting two galas at the same time we will need more helpers and volunteers than normal so please do look out for the appeals and if you can, please do put yourself forward to help so we give all of our swimmers the best support we can.

As always can I say a huge thank you to our events team, our poolside helpers, our AOE/recording team, our officials, our social media team, our team managers and of course our coaches for all their amazing help and support. Bring on the finals 😊