MSM Clothing & Swimwear

All our swimwear is chlorine resistant Swim Tech fabric designed for a long life for regular swimmers. All items are navy blue with an embroidered Mid Sussex Marlins logo on the rear.

This is our preferred swimwear for all teaching group swimmers

MSM hoodies are also available here.

Swimwear Instructions:

If you are not sure of the size you may buy and try; as long as the hygiene label is not removed, then we can exchange for an alternative size if needed. Our experience to date is that girls costumes seem to be on size but for boys jammers and aqua shorts you tend to need to go smaller.

To care for your swimwear:

  • Always rinse immediately and thoroughly in cold running water after use.
  • Do not wrap wet swimwear inside a towel
  • Hang swimwear to dry as soon as possible after rinsing
  • Only machine wash with detergent occasionally

This will help prolong the life of the costume, nevertheless, exposure the chlorine and other chemicals will weaken the structure of the fabric over time