Statement re. Junior Arena Swimming League

The National Arena Junior Swimming League

Earlier this year the executive members of The National Arena Swimming League invited all their participating clubs to join a new Junior Arena Swimming League.

For commercial reasons the launch was too late, and many clubs were already committed for those dates with club championships, open meets etc.

The six league secretaries have therefore decided, with the agreement of Solo Sports and Arena, that the Junior Arena Swimming League will now be launched in 2021. The rounds will be on the weekends of 17th/18th April 2021, 15th/16th May 2021 and 19th/20th June 2021.

The intention is that the galas will take place on the Sunday afternoon, but, if locally that is not practical, there is the option to hold the galas on the Saturday.

The National Final will take place on Sunday 19th September 2021.

The competition is open to all clubs, whether or not they are in the current National Arena Swimming League. Please book the dates in your club diary.

Updated conditions with a 2021 registration form for the National Arena Junior League will be issued in due course.

Initially your point of contact should be either your current league secretary or the National League Secretary. Contact details are on the website

Ian Mackenzie

February 2020