Marlins’ great postion after Round 1 Sussex League

Report by Dan Valovin – Team Manager

Wow, what a night we had in the first round of the Sussex League on Saturday 24th March 2018. We had two teams out, in Crowborough and Eastbourne, and everyone swam brilliantly.

Our A team were against Brighton A and Beacon A.  Leading from the start, the team won 52 out of the 57 races including winning every relay race; amazing swimming.   In fact, across the 57 events, we picked up 52 wins,  24 second places and 13 third places.  The final scores were:

    • Mid Sussex Marlins A – 504 points
    • Brighton – 328 points
    • Beacon – 218 points

Well done Marlins A – you smashed it!

Our B team, formed of swimmers from six different squads, with ages ranging from 10 to 45, were against Eastbourne A and East Grinstead A. The competition was very tough, however, against two A teams our swimmers did really well, winning 10 out of the 57 races and placing second in 25 and third in 18.  Well done Team Marlins.  The final scores were:

  • East Grinstead A – 411 points
  • Mid Sussex Marlins B – 331 points
  • Eastbourne A – 304 points

So after Round One the rankings in Division 1 and 2 can be found here:

R1 Sussex League Placings

Round two is on 28th April 2018; our A team are up against Hastings and Littlehampton and will be at home at the Triangle.  The B team are against Atlantis B and 1066 and will be at the Pavilions in the Park, Horsham.  A top two finish in the next round for the B team will give us a good chance of getting to the final for Division 2.  We really do have everything to swim for.

A great start with lots to build on, really well done Team Marlins.

B Team @ Eastbourne


A team @ Crowborough