Day 3 results…

So, here’s the results after the cycling section…

Day 3 results

Here’s a look at our cyclists in action today….


Can our leaders be toppled during the sprints tomorrow?

Heading up their sections so far are:

  • Gina Hobson
  • Gavin O’Mally-Richardson
  • Chloe Thorne-Jones
  • Joshua McMinn
  • Alice Baillie-Hamilton
  • Michael Edwards
  • Elsa Priest
  • Leon Hovell
  • Abbie McMinn
  • Evie Searle
  • Lottie Ramsden
  • Finlay Blythe
  • Noah Blythe
  • Laurie Miller
  • Ella Boyle

Congratulations and good luck for the final day.