Details of our sections leads:

Stephen Murphy – Head Coach 


Steve has been with the Club since September 2014 when he joined us a National Squad Coach.  In 2018 Steve also took on the role of Head Coach, a role which he undertakes alongside coaching of the National Squad.





Nic Piper – Lead Development Coach

Nic joined Mid Sussex Marlins in January 2013 and soon became a favourite with our younger squad swimmers.  Nic is Age Group Coach responsible for our County Development, County and Regional swim squads.  Nic is also now overseeing technical development matters.


Nic is supported by Assistant Coaches; Louise Gale and Lee Hammond.



Andrew Hamerton – Lead Masters Coach

Andrew joined Mid Sussex Marlins in May 2019 as Lead Masters Coach. Supported by a team of experienced Masters coaches he is responsible for overseeing training and development for the full range of Masters swimmers within the club.

Before joining Marlins, Andrew has coached youth swimmers to British Championships and Summer Nationals. As a Masters swimmer himself he has competed in County, Regional and British Championships.


Charlie Wood – Lead Performance Coach

Dave Wood – Lead Youth Coach

Stuart Ward – Head Teacher

Pauline Draper / Carolyn Heeley – Disability swimming

Pauline Draper: As a paediatric physiotherapist at Chailey Heritage and a swimming teacher with Burgess Hill & District SC, I was able to combine the experiences gained in both to help set up the Dolphins Squad back in September 2000. The motivation came from wanting to help those with disabilities reach their full potential in swimming, and it has been wonderful to see how the swimmers have developed over the years. One or two from the squad have reached National level but there have been others who have achieved just as much by learning to swim independently, having previously needed support from people or flotation aids. I have now retired from my role at Chailey but I shall continue to be involved with Dolphins for as long as I can.


Tim Fraser – Water Polo Admin

Tim was born at an early age of mixed parentage – one father and one mother. His parents were in the Iron and Steal business. [His father was well known to the police and his mother took in washing]. Despite these inauspicious beginnings, he developed an early interest in crude humour and showed early athletic potential, being able to play blow football with his bottom by the age of 10 – a skill that he has maintained to this day, much to the irritation of his immediate family. Concerned that his rate of growth was getting out of hand in his teens, he took up smoking for two days, which restricted his height to a sensible and modest  5’11”. 

Tim describes himself as tall, handsome, well-built, articulate, intelligent, sensitive, yet often grossly inaccurate. Cynics (and some cheap Bloomsbury psychiatrists) may say ‘pathological liar’, but he prefers to use ‘creative with reality’.

Tim is married with 4 children, 24,26,30 &32 but whom his long suffering wife, Kathy, prefers to call by their names Toby, Alex, Lucy and Gemma.  A  life-long swimmer and serial member of numerous clubs in the UK and overseas- Marlins is his twelfth, where he has been involved since 1991  in various capacities including: competitor, polo player, parent,  coach, treasurer, auditor and committee member. Aside from the demands of family and sport, Tim is a keen student of Medieval wood shavings, a subject on which he is one of the world’s leading authorities. Those wishing to contact him or send costly gifts should write to him c/o the World Domination League.