Land based training


Land based training

Gavin’s weekly challenge

Challenge 1 – 10 hour press up challenge:

Squad training sets (General)

Weekly plan builder (all) – Plan your week to stay motivated – Download, plan and follow

Weekly plan builder -2

Pre comp 1 to competitive 3

C3 land plan general – 24-03-20

Marlins SandC program 20.03 – PC1-C3

Competitive 2 and performance 2 

C2 P2 Land plan 24-03-20

Marlins SandC program 20.03 – P2 – C2

Competitive 1, Performance 1, Seniors / masters

Land based training plan – 24-03-20 – P1-C1

Marlins SandC program 20.03 – P1 – C1

Important safety guidance

Members partaking in these programmes at home do so at their own risk.

All members must ensure they perform these sessions in a suitable and safe locations remembering to wear suitable clothing and be suitably hydrated.

A responsible adult should be in proximity of the athlete at all times to deal with any issues that arise and to stop the athlete training if there are any health / safety concerns.


Physio therapy guidance

How swimmers  can workout without the pool?

Swim England home strength and conditioning sessions

Week 2


Week 1

Swim England home supple strength workouts

Lesson 2 – squats, table-top and four-point kneeling

Supple strength workout: squats, table-top and four-point kneeling

Lesson 1 – Sun Salutation (including warm up exercises)

Sun Salutation movements for supple strength



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