Information, advice and tips from our Head Coach, Stephen Murphy



All club swimmers should aim to arrive early to training sessions and competitions to perform a land / pre-pool warm up routine.  Doing this prepares you physically and mentally for your session / races and assists in injury prevention.  Performing these routines daily will assist with coordination, core strength and general stability.  Consult your coach for details and advice on performing your pre-pool routine.

Preparation and lifestyle are also key to improvement and success.  Take a look at the info graphics and presentation of performance lifestyle for some sound advice to help you improve!



Nutrition and hydration are key to training and racing well day in / day out.  If you fuel your body in the right way this will assist training performance and recovery as well as increase performance at competition.

Take a read through these documents to guide your nutritional intake:


The Swimming Parent – Advice and Tips

Swimming is a demanding sport and the further swimmers progress the more time you will invest in the sport.  As a swim parent the best things you can do is support your child, show them unconditional love win or lose and leave the coaching to the coaches.  Below are some links to some useful guides on how best to support your child and their swimming goals.


Technique and Skills  

The number one avenue for improvement and, most importantly, long term improvement is to continually invest and focus on improving your technique and swim skills (starts, turns, underwater kicking, streamlining etc.).

Improving technique centres around improving streamlining (the reduction of drag / resistance) and improvement of power development and efficiency (stroke length).  Below you will find some guidance and presentations on improving swim technique and skills as well as a check-list questionnaire to help you improve your training.



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