Around the World with Marlins – Virtual Swim Challenge 17th August to 6th September

Click on the file above to view the latest team sheets and your individual entrant codes – use the code to submit your daily mileage using this form….

Results will be updated and posted every few days – good luck everyone – see you in Gwangju.

Whilst we wait for a full resumption of swimming, this is the final ‘lockdown challenge’ that we have for you….

Marlins swimmers take part in training, swim camps, galas, events and championships around the UK and around the World. See how far you can travel on the journey to the World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea where several of our Masters swimmers found themselves in August 2019.

Along the Marlins journey, you will reach our Development Galas for our very youngest swimmers, Summer Camp at Ardingly, County Championships at Crawley, many open meets around the South East of England. Our water polo players will pass through Splashpoint taking on local competition and our para-swimmers will be in Southampton taking part in the Regional Championships. Keep going on the journey and you will have to travel further afield for Regional Championships, Arena League meets and you may event get to swim at the London Aquatic Centre. Push on further, cover more miles, and you’ll be at the National events in Sheffield and Glasgow; our masters swimmers may travel out to Swansea for their championships. Then come the longer distances… Internationals in Ireland, Nice and Luxembourg with a final leg of 7569 miles to take you all the way to Gwangju in South Korea.

Our Marlins swimmers have, over the past two years or so, traveled to all these places on their swimming journey and now is your chance to join them with our Virtual Swim Challenge. Sign up for your team – the more team members you can encourage to sign up the further your team will travel. Use our Facebook groups to encourage more swimmers to take part and help build your teams miles. You have from Monday 17th August to Sunday 6th September to see just how far you and your team can go.

Check the mileage you need to cover to get from place to place here…

Your journey starts at the Dolphin pool in Haywards Heath – every day within the challenge period measure your miles completed under your own steam – walking, running, cycling, skateboarding, swimming, scootering, kayaking or any other means of travel under your own power (no cars, buses, trains etc though). Submit your daily mileage to us and we’ll add it to your teams total. We’ll produce a progress chart every few days to show who is leading the way and who needs to get some more miles under their belt. This challenge is open to all Marlins members / swimmers from age 6 to 96 so, sign up and get those miles done. The first column on the signposts shows the distance from one place to the next and the second column is the cummulative mileage completed through your journey.

Your teams are:

  • Teaching Groups
  • Development Squads D1, D2, D3
  • Waterpolo players (all ages)
  • Pre-Competitive Squads PC1 & PC2
  • Competitive Squads C1, C2, C3
  • Masters
  • Performance Squads P1 & P2
  • Para swimmers
  • Board members, coaches, teachers & admin

Which team can travel the furthest on the Virtual Swim Challenge – can any team make it all the way to Gwangju?

The challenge is set!!