Around the World with Marlins – Virtual Swim Challenge

One week down, two more to go…

Results to 23/08/20 20:00 hours …..

So folks, sorry for the delay in updating your efforts in the Virtual Swim Challenge.  The combination of running temporary sessions at alternative pools, combined with the great news that our home pools are re-opening, has taken up much of my time.  Anyway, here are the stats up to 20:00 hours on Sunday 23rd August…

Our waterpolo players are off to a slow start but are still training hard and heading for a session at Hurst College.  The Development squad swimmers have expanded a little and are shooting up to Horsham for the Atlantis meet.  Teaching Groups have sped up, visited Crawley and are now heading for Hastings and the Terry Fitzgerald meet.  Our para swimmers and our competitive squads are very close; so our para team, with the support of their families, are just about to reach Brighton for the Sussex League meet held there with the competitive squads close on their tail.  Our young swimmers in pre-competitive squads have found their competitive streak and are racing up to Epsom to take part in the Epsom Race Day; let’s hope they don’t get too held up in the race day traffic!  Taking a break from their usual roles, the teachers, coaches, board and volunteers are also heading to Epsom to cheer the pre-competitive swimmers on.   It’s still quite close at the top, but Masters are stretching away a bit from our Performance Squad swimmers – P1 & P2 are off to Bexley for an Arena League meet, whereas Masters are pushing forward – just about to reach Enfield to cheer on the para-team taking part in Len Babcock Memorial Meet.

Keep up the miles, submit them through and we’ll update again in a day or so.  We’re going to have to see some big mileages put in the get you through to the international meets. 

Remember, if you’re late putting your mileages through just add them on to the next day’s submission and they’ll still count.