2023 Master’s Regional Relay Champions

Yesterday the Master’s team became the 2023 Regional Relay Champions!

We took a total of 22 swimmers for the annual Long Course Regional Relays. Our Swimmers achieved a total of 4 Regional Records, 13 First places and 4 Third Places.

A massive thank you and congratulations to all our swimmers and a special thank you to Cameron, Matt and Charlie for the organisation of the teams.

Additionally, Gina Hobson was awarded the Trophy for “Swimmer of the Meet”

Full Breakdown of Results

EventAge GroupPlaceNotes
Men’s 4x200m Freestyle 160+1stRegional Record
Women’s 4x200m Freestyle240+1st
Men’s 4x100m Medley 200+1st
Men’s 4x100m Freestyle 160+4th
Men’s 4x100m Freestyle200+1st
Women’s 4x100m Freestyle280+1stRegional Record
Men’s 4x50m Medley120+1st
Men’s 4x50m Medley160+3rd
Women’s 4x50m Medley160+1st
Women’s 4x50m Medley280+1stRegional Record
Men’s 4x50m Freestyle 120+3rd
Men’s 4x50m Freestyle200+3rd
Women’s 4x50m Freestyle200+1st
Women’s 4x50m Freestyle280+1stRegional Record
Mixed 4x100m Medley120+5th
Mixed 4x100m Medley200+1st
Mixed 4x50m Medley 160+3rdA Team
Mixed 4x50m Medley160+8thB Team
Mixed 4x50m Medley200+4th
Mixed 4x50m Freestyle120+1st
Mixed 4x50m Freestyle160+6th
Mixed 4x50m Freestyle240+1st